Support & Empower

Supporting individuals and empowering communities.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to provide welcoming, safe, and accessible spaces and programs that amplify the voices and talents of our diverse community.

Our Vision

Supported individuals and empowered communities.

Our Goal

Our goal at the 29th Street Community Center is to build and strengthen neighborhoods and people by bringing together residents of Baltimore City through meaningful community building and high-quality enrichment programming for all ages and backgrounds.  We have an ambitious vision for our future and cannot wait to share our dreams with all of our community.

Our History

In 1974, the Baltimore City  prepared the ground for the  Barclay Recreation Center, attached to Barclay Elementary Middle School.  For  cost-cutting purposes in 2011,  the City closed many recreation centers including Barclay.  Over the next  two years organizers from the Greater Homewood Community Corporation partnered with residents of surrounding  neighborhoods  to reclaim and re-imagine  the abandoned space as the 29th Street Community Center.  Dedicated to nurturing youth, celebrating diversity and developing and sustaining community, staff  and community advisors put forth a rich array of programs, events and services for city residents of all ages and backgrounds.  In 2021, a newly constituted board of directors separated from the sponsoring group into which Greater Homewood had evolved to establish today’s 29th Street Community Center, Inc..

29th Street Community Center

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